This new online course introduces a novel approach to thinking about food and wine.

Led by Master of Wine, Peter Marks, you’ll explore how a person’s unique preferences & sensitivities can determine their enjoyment of food with wine and how the taste components of wine & food interact with each other. Follow along as Peter demonstrates how simple techniques can be used to adjust your food in order to enjoy it with any type of wine to suit your preferences and palate.

This course will benefit any wine enthusiast looking for:

  • a greater understanding of their own palate
  • confidence in making food & wine decisions
  • enjoyment from any taste experience with food & wine
  • freedom from complex, impersonal food & wine pairing rules

Students may wish to follow along with the instructor’s presentation and will need the following items:

  • Light, crisp unoaked white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc
  • Full-bodied, oaked white wine such as a Chardonnay
  • Full-bodied, tannic red wine such as a Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Sweet, dessert wine such as a Moscato, sweet Riesling or Sauternes

Please note your course starts immediately upon enrollment, and you will have 12 months of course access.

No prerequisites are required.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Welcome

    • About this Course

  • 2

    A New Approach to Food & Wine

    • Your Experience with Food & Wine

    • Ways of Approaching Food & Wine

    • Taste Preferences

  • 3

    Balancing Food & Wine

    • Food & Wine Components

    • Let's Experiment!

    • How to Balance Food & Wine

    • Sweet Food & Sweet Wine

  • 4


    • Quiz

    • Review

    • Thank You!

About your Instructor

Peter Marks, Master of Wine, graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1976 with a BSc degree in Food Service Management. Then from 1976-1981, he worked as a chef and manager with restaurants and institutional food services companies. He entered the retail wine trade in 1981 and has worked as Wine Director for Draeger's Supermarkets, Chief Wine Merchant at, Wine Director at Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, and Vice President of Education at Constellation Brands. Currently, Peter is a Partner and Vice President of Education for the Napa Valley Wine Academy. He teaches wine classes, is a member of the Society of Wine Educators and judges wine competitions internationally. Peter enjoys riding his bike in the Napa Valley, especially up Mount Veeder and through the beautiful vineyards.

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